Lanna Apisukh is a portrait and documentary photographer based in New York City. With a background in skateboarding and an extensive athletic career as a former elite gymnast, she is drawn to photographing dynamic  individuals walking their own path. Her work explores people and their relationship to place, identity and gender through bold and honest stories she strives to create in her images.

Lanna is a Bachelor of Arts graduate of the University of Washington and has expanded on her photography education at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her subjects span from TV personalities, skateboarders and CEOs to artists, immigrants, everyday people and their surroundings.

Lanna is a recipient of the 2020 Fujifilm Collaborator award and her editorial and personal work has been featured in various publications such as Bust Magazine, Aint–Bad, The Photographic Journal, New York Magazine and more. In addition to her freelance photography work, she helps BKC photo school with providing creative education to everyday New Yorkers. Lanna is also a founding member of Seeing Collective, an artist group hosting talks, photo exhibitions and critiques to foster community and an inclusive, supportive network within the photo industry.

Lanna is available for assignments and commissions. 


Lanna is a member of Diversify Photo and some of her stock archive can be found on REDUX PICTURES.

Portrait of Lanna by Fiona Veronique. 

Selected Clients & Publications

Clients & Collaborations

Adidas x Wanderlust
Alley x Verizon
Catrice Cosmetics
Douglas Elliman Real Estate
Evergreen x Horizon Media
Fox Sports (First Things First)
Lang Lang International Music Foundation
Of Her Own Kind
Ormaie fragrance 
Pocampo bags
Polaroid Originals
Prelude Projects x Carvalho Park Gallery
Quell Skateboarding
Red Bull
Rudas x Wythe Hotel
Union Docs x Say Something Bunny 

Digital & Print Publications 

Antics Publications
Bust Magazine
The Calvert Journal 
Bleu Magazine
Float Magazine
Metal Magazine
New York Magazine
The Photographic Journal
Lomography Magazine
Nowhere Print Annual
Photographic Bandwidth
Skate Like a Girl (Prestel Publishing)
The Newsette
Michelin Guide 
Pap Magazine


Smokey Vale Gallery 'Community' Group Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY (Sept 2020)
Czech Center New York ‘Still Cities’ Exhibition, New York, NY (June 2020)
Humble Arts Foundation: Group Show 63, 'Love Actually' (Nov 2019)
Seeing Collective x BKC ‘Disconnect’ Group Show, Brooklyn (Oct 2019)
Lomography 'Metropolis' Group Show, Brooklyn, NY (Aug 2019) 



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