A story on the Future of Fashion following the young creative talent of Manhattan's High School of Fashion Industries. The school is one of the oldest & largest secondary schools in the nation and has been prepping students for careers in fashion and design since 1926. ⁣ 

Interview and photos published on Milk

Atticus Klasek Stannard is a 15-year-old aspiring fashion designer and skateboarder who was accepted into the High School of Fashion Industries as a freshman. Originally from Arizona, he and his mother relocated to the city less than a year ago, though he struts and skates the streets of New York City like he’s been living here his entire life.

Originally from Liberia, 18-year-old fashion student Austin Tyler immigrated to America with his mother less than a decade ago in search of opportunity. He has dreams of becoming a model and fashion designer and is well on his way of pursuing those goals with Lone Star Lab, a new fashion line he’s producing (with schoolmate Atticus K. Stannard) and modeling experiences with brands like Polaroid already under his belt.

As the youngest daughter of an immigrant Dominican family, 16-year-old Brianna Krystal Vargas feels like she’s the baby compared to her older siblings, but surely doesn’t act like one. Despite commuting five days a week to Manhattan—via bus, ferry, and train from Staten Island, the 11th grade fashion student designs and manages her own online fashion brand Krystal Clothing. Somehow she manages to find time to do this between classes, homework, and social life.

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